Is Your Home's Wiring Fried?

Is Your Home's Wiring Fried?

Choose Carlos Recinos Electric for wiring services in Quincy, Braintree & Weymouth, MA

Our team can install and upgrade wiring throughout your home or business. Whether you are working on a new construction, remodeling or needing a panel upgrade, we can help.

Carlos Recinos Electric offers rewiring services, including adding outlets, light switches and more. If you're ready to install new electrical wiring in your home or business, call our team any time for professional electrical services

Why is updated wiring important?

Since electrical wires are usually hidden in your home's walls, you rarely think about what goes into turning on a light or plugging in a vacuum. But if your home has old or damaged wiring, it might be time for an upgrade. Some of the benefits of rewiring your home or business include:

  • New electrical wiring is safer
  • New wiring can increase your property value
  • New electrical wiring can handle higher amps
  • New wiring is necessary for most remodels


If any of these benefits sound like something you'd like to see in your own home or business, get in touch with Carlos Recinos Electric at 781-603-3466. We offer years of experience in wiring services in Quincy, Braintree & Weymouth, MA and beyond.