Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider calling an electrician?

Consider calling an electrician when you have any problems with circuits, lights or plugs not working. If you are experiencing any electrical shortages, flickering, or have questions about the current coding of your wiring, it is always a good idea to refer to the professionals for a safety assessment. Call our experts today at Carlos Recinos Electric for your free estimate!

Do you provide only residential services or do you provide electrical commercial services as well?

We perform electrical service work, rewiring and panel upgrades for residential, industrial and commercial clients.

Do you offer free quotes or estimates?

YES! We offer free estimates and quotes on all of our electrical services! For more information, call today (781) 603- 3466.

Why would I need a new electrical circuit?

Coding regulations change and improve over time. You want to make sure everything is safe and up to code in your home or office. We stay current on all safety and electrical coding in Quincy, MA and surrounding areas. Call our electrical professionals for your free assessment today or if you have questions about your current electrical circuits.

What do I do if my circuit keeps overloading?

If your circuits keeps overloading, it's time to hire a professional electrician to run a new circuit and split the loads of the circuits. At Carlos Recinos Electric, we will ensure your rewiring services are performed with safety and customer service in mind. For your business or home, we will complete the install efficiently, making as little impact on your day-to day as possible!

I have too many power strips behind my entertainment center and want to reduce the clutter. How can Carlos Recinos Electric help me?

Carlos Recinos Electric can add additional plugs to avoid dealing with the hassle of too many cords. We can also install power surge protectors to ensure your multiple devices are not affected by a storm or overload.

Do you install ceiling fans?

Not only do we install ceiling fans, our expert electricians can perform residential and commercial upgrades to your outlets, and electrical panels, rewire rooms for remodeling projects, install fixtures and more! Call today at (781) 603- 3466 to get your free estimate for electrical services!

Can you change an existing switch to a dimmer switch?

At Carlos Recinos Electric, we can change a dimmer switch. Some homes in the area will have older electrical system and some historic structures will require specific electrical qualifications but we can always find something compatible for your business or home!

Why is a breaker in my panel feel hot to touch?

If your breaker panel feel hot to the touch, there is more than likely an overloading that is occuring. An overload of your electrical system could be due to faulty wires and/or breakers. In this situation, we recommend calling your local electrical professionals to avoid further electrical complications or a total system failure.

How can I tell when an electrical outlet is not safe or needs to be replaced?

If your electrical outlets are giving off sparks, broken or lose, it is time to call an electrical professional! At Carlos Recinos Electric, we will perform a free assessment of the situation and suggest the safest action; whether that regards electrical wiring repairs, replacements or upgrades, we can handle it all!

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Checks and All major credit cards